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Know Something About Us

Since 2014, NETWALK GmbH has been delivering leading-edge professional services all through Germany with core focus into the Automotive industry. ​

Our low turn-around time and reliability means you can focus on developing solutions and technologies which help shape the fast-moving mobility.

Our Business Objectives

What we are aiming to get


With our plan in place, we channel our efforts with laser focus. Concentrating on our priorities allows us to navigate through challenges with precision and purpose. Our focus ensures that every task we undertake is a step towards achieving our vision.


At the heart of our strategy lies meticulous planning. We believe that a well-crafted plan is the blueprint for success. Our approach involves setting clear objectives, identifying resources, and charting a course of action that aligns with our overarching goals.


Execution is where our plans and focus converge to create impact. We put our strategies into action with determination and excellence. By executing our plans effectively, we turn our vision into reality, delivering results that speak for themselves.

Manufacturing Solutions

Products that we specialize in​

Manufacturing Support

The Core Manufacturing Support we provide

Metal Racks

Metal racks are structures made primarily of metal materials, designed to provide sturdy support and organization for various items. They are commonly used in warehouses, retail stores, industrial settings, and even residential spaces. Metal racks offer several advantages, including durability, versatility, and the ability to withstand heavy loads.

Categories We Provide

  • Transport Racks
  • Storage Racks
  • Warehouse Racks
  • Returnable Racks


Leopoldstraße 244, 80807 München, Germany

+49 89208 039695

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